A Platform for the People

There are many issues I vow to address. Let's break them down, Together.

Increase transparency of city government.

Live-stream city council meetings.

Increase online accessibility to city council meetings.

Make attendance to council meetings more accessible.

Focus on increasing the number of new registered voters.

Increase registration and voter turn-out for young voters (18-25 but focus
among high schoolers).

Increase registration, education, and voter turn-out for New Americans through voter drives and voter education workshops.
Increase registration and voter turn-out among marginalized communities.

Signature Integrity Program

Maintain integrity of election through a signature matching program.

Direct Clerk’s office to increase focus on voter education.

Connect Kentwood schools with clerk’s office to provide early educational opportunities to younger students. Instilling the importance of being an active voter at an earlier age.


Provide an online voter guide for more opportunities to be an informed voter.

Work with area non-profits and organizations to increase local government participation among community members and overall increase voter registration and turn-out.

Absentee Voter Ballot Program

Increase number of permanent absentee ballot voters.

Increase number of absentee ballot returns by sending absentee ballots to all registered voters and increase number of absentee ballot drop boxes.